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The principle of water-based paint and paint is the same, but water-based paint is more environmentally friendly than paint. After the first pass of the water-based paint, the water-based paint began to penetrate into the bottom layer of the wood and began to dry slowly. If you start to apply the second water-based paint before the first drying, the paint or oil in the wood will never dry. If you apply another layer on the top, it will be more difficult to dry the bottom. In such a case, it will be difficult to completely dry the paint film of the water-based paint and peeling occurs. So drying is very important. Regardless of paint, water-based paint, under normal circumstances, the phenomenon of peeling occurs after the second pass of painting. The main reason is that after the first pass of painting, the refreshing coating is applied before the paint film is completely dry.

The peeling and peeling of paint is often related to the poor performance of the film-forming ingredients in the paint film. It may be because the ambient temperature of the construction is too low, and the appropriate film-forming temperature of the coating has not been reached. There is also a possibility that the distribution ratio of emulsion, pigment, filler and resin in the paint is not according to the standard, which may also cause the adhesion of the coating film to deteriorate.

What is the cause of air bubbles after the construction of waterborne paint and wood wax oil in summer?

The temperature in summer is high, the outdoor temperature is 35℃ or above, and the surface temperature can reach 50℃–60℃. The higher temperature causes the physical phenomenon of wood thermal expansion and contraction. After the surface is painted with water-based paint or wood wax oil, it will penetrate into The bottom of the wood, the air inside will come out, and the air will open the surface coating to form bubbles, so it is recommended to use indoor construction when the temperature is high in summer.

During the painting process, it is necessary to ensure that the air humidity is less than 70%, the wood humidity is less than 20%, and it is not applied in rainy weather. Secondly, it must be ensured that the product applied in the first pass is completely dried before applying the second pass. In the end, the temperature is too high or too cold is not suitable for construction, this needs attention.

  In addition to the paint’s own factors, the base layer may also be the culprit causing coating problems. For example, there are dust and errors on the base layer, and the putty layer used on the base material has poor adhesion and poor adhesion, which is also the cause of peeling of the coating film.
  To prevent the above-mentioned problems with water-based paints, it is necessary to take correct measures to carry out the construction of the paint. For example, the application temperature ensures that under the film-forming temperature conditions, the amount of film-forming additives added is moderate, but not added. At the same time, the formula ratio of the pigment to the base material should be appropriate. Do not add too much pigment, etc.

  For the treatment of the base layer, the dust and oil stains on the surface should be cleaned up. Use a high-quality, waterproof, high-adhesive putty to spray the bottom of the wall first, and then spray the latex paint after it is completely dry. If the surface of some substrates is too smooth, some interface agents can be added appropriately to enhance the adhesion of the coating and reduce the probability of shedding.

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