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The appearance of brush marks when applying water-based paint is actually a normal phenomenon, but we can avoid this situation during construction. How to solve the problem of brush marks with water-based paint is a construction problem.

If you do not have any brush marks when applying water-based paint, choose spraying. Spraying construction, fast speed, can make the spraying surface smooth and smooth, beautiful effect. When spraying water-based paint, it is recommended to use a spray gun with a caliber of 2.0 mm for construction. Check carefully whether the spray gun is clean before spraying. Before the construction of water-based paint, the filtering effect is better.

When brushing, the brush must be selected correctly. It is recommended to use a water-based special brush (nylon brush), which can appropriately reduce the brush marks. When brushing, it is recommended to apply the brush once to the end to reduce the trouble of brush marks. It is not recommended to repeatedly apply the brush back and forth, too many brush marks are more obvious.

If there are already brush marks in the construction, you can use polishing cotton or fine sandpaper to polish the marks to reduce the brush marks.

Since there will be brush marks on the brush, can I choose to wipe with the cotton cloth? It is generally not recommended for customers to wipe water-based paints. The water-based paints are very viscous and dry too quickly when wiped, which can easily cause uneven colors and poor results!

Note: The dilution of water-based paint depends on the viscosity of the water-based paint you choose. If it is very viscous, it is recommended to add purified water to dilute it. The dilution ratio is between 5% and 8%.

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