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The role of applying Sangge ecological wood wax oil to wood is as follows: coating wood wax oil can not only improve the appearance of wood, but more importantly, it can protect wood and improve the durability of wood. When the wood products are painted with wood wax oil, it is like wearing a coat. The specific functions are as follows:

1. Prevent insects and fungi from decaying wood. Wood is a porous substance that can store a lot of air. Some wood contains nutrients and is often decayed by insects and fungi.

2. Prevent the intrusion of moisture. Wood is also easy to absorb moisture. If the wood is too hygroscopic, it will cause serious warpage, cracking and deformation of the wood, causing damage to the wood products. After the wood products are painted with wood wax oil, they can prevent the intrusion of fungi and moisture, change the moisture absorption of the wood, and slow down the rate of moisture absorption and dehumidification of the wood, thus playing a role in protecting the wood products.

3. Improve the hardness and wear resistance of wood. After coating with wood wax oil, it can increase the hardness and abrasion resistance of the wood. Some woods have poor hardness and abrasion resistance. For example, furniture wood products made of wood such as linden, elm, especially pine, and fir are easy Damaged or deformed by collision of external force.

4. Improve anti-UV, chemical and other corrosion. The wood surface has a beautiful natural color. If it is exposed to sunlight, dust and other pollution and acid and alkali chemicals, it will lose its original color and luster.

5. Improve the anti-pollution of wood and adjust the color and luster of the wood. Because the wood has many tube holes, it is difficult to remove debris once it is dusted, and it is easier to remove it after applying wood wax oil. At the same time, wood wax oil can also adjust the tone and luster of the wood.

After the wooden products such as wooden furniture and furniture are painted with Sange ecological wood wax oil, the direct contact between the wood and the outside air, moisture, sunlight, acids and alkalis, various liquids, insects and fungi, and various stolen goods is also eliminated, and the external force is also relieved. The direct effect of wood makes the wood more resistant to moisture, water, oil, chemicals, insects, corrosion, and moths. Due to the protection of wood wax oil, the dirt on the wood surface is easy to clean; the hardness of the wood, Increased scratch resistance, thereby extending the life of wood products. In summary, it is very important to apply wood wax oil.

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