CHANGESO Limited, located in one of the special economic regions of China----Shenzhen, our environmental protection concept is lowering the energy resources consumption, improving the efficiency of the energy resources utilization rate.

         Our company dedicates ourselves in supplying good quality goods and services and helping customers to improve their productivity. 

        CHANGESO is exclusive partner of Shenzhen SANGE Industrial CO.,LTD, provide Interior and Exterior wooden protection oil, due to reliable quality winning the trust of our business partners.

        SANGE is a famous wood oil company, fills and promotes this kind of natural finished paint with ultraviolet protection, no peeling and no fading on the China mainland, under the bottleneck of the high price of original finished products, the company adopts advanced The paint processing technology,  produces high-quality outdoor coatings by importing foreign main raw materials and processing semi-finished products to solve the durability problem of outdoor wooden products.

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